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ST-NF2 (Red)

SEMTO ENGINE DIY Assembly L2 Engine Model Kit
The L2 Engine Kit is ideal for learning engine mechanics, designed for easy assembly, even for beginners, with step-by-step instructions. Durable components ensure lasting performance, and the compact design offers an easy and affordable upgrade for your vehicle model. Simplify your engine tuning experience with this user-friendly and efficient kit.

ST-NF2 (Silver)

7.0cc Mini Inline Double-cylinder Four-stroke Air-cooled Nitro Interal Combustion Engine Model Kit 

How Does an Engine Work?


Air and Fuel Mixture:

Internal combustion engines operate by mixing air with a precise amount of fuel in a combustion chamber.


Ignition and Combustion

The mixture is ignited by a spark plug, leading to a controlled explosion.This combustion generates high-pressure gases.


Mechanical Power Generation

The force from the explosion pushes a piston within the engine cylinder.The piston's movement is converted into rotational motion through a crankshaft, producing mechanical power.


Exhaust and Repeat

After combustion, the piston returns, expelling the exhaust gases. The engine repeats this cycle, drawing in fresh air, igniting fuel, and continually converting chemical energy into mechanical work.

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